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wendy davis

wendy davis

In a recent hard-hitting interview with Diane Sawyer, Helicopter Ben Bernanke made these cautious comments about the nation’s economic recovery:

“It’s far too early to declare victory. “The recent news has been good. But I think we need to be cautious and make sure this is sustainable. And — we haven’t quite yet got to the point where we can be completely confident that we’re on a track to full recovery.”

Asked if another round of quantitative easing, or large- scale bond purchases, remains “on the table,” the 58-year-old Fed chief said, “we don’t take any options off the table. We have to be prepared to respond to however the economy evolves.”

To say that it’s a highly-charged issue would be fair, but it’s also true that there are so many daily outrages as our civil liberties are pounded to sand that this one has had to stand in line…until now.  You may remember that in December of 2011, the BART board issued its policy guidelines for shutting down cell phone service if it determines that there is strong evidence of imminent unlawful activity that threatens the safety of [BART] passengers, employees and other members of the public.” Apparently the FCC directed the board to include language recognizing that “any interruption of cellphone service poses serious risks to public safety” and a provision requiring the agency to determine “that the public safety benefits outweigh the public safety risks of an interruption.”


I realize that bringing this story may seem like snatching low-hanging fruit and throwing at you, but yesterday I did find that the (ahem) evolving stories told by the US and ISAF officials were interesting, but the obfuscations and lies probably meant more to me after having written ‘Never Move in a Tactical Fashion…’ the other day.


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